Community Garden

Community Garden

Grow Your Own Veggies

Visit Marie's garden managers at to learn more about renting a garden plot to grow food right here at home.  Share the harvest with family, friends, and neighbors!

Taste a Homegrown Tomato!

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Marie’s Community Gardens are located near Marie’s West pantry and main office at 834 N. Highland Ave, Aurora IL.  Plots for personal rental are located down the street just a few steps north of Marie's Urban Farm & Greenhouses.

  • Community Gardeners each have their own numbered plots
  • Members are responsible to plant, weed, water and harvest.
  • Water is often provided in tanks filled by the Aurora Fire Department, but availability is not always guaranteed.
  • Members are responsible to pitch in to take care of paths, keeping personal plots and common areas weed free.

Growing Food Together

New to Gardening? No problem!

Seasoned local gardeners, farmers, and University of Illinois Extension educators are regulars at Marie's Farm & Gardens.  Volunteers are happy to answer your questions and share growing tips.

Marie's wonderful garden managers are led by Rob Vaughan of our partner organization,  Charity Blooms!  Together with Tim, Eva, Brad and hundreds of volunteers, Charity Blooms enhances and enriches Marie's community garden every growing season.

"We all have different talents and different personalities that are to be used for the benefit of mankind." 
Marie Wilkinson

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and do what we know is the right thing to do."
-Marie Wilkinson

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