Share Food & Household Supplies

Thank you for sharing with local households most in need!

Please bring donations to 834 N. Highland Ave. Aurora, IL. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9 am – 1 pm.  You may call (630) 897-5431 to schedule an appointment.

Want to host a Food Drive?  Find planning tips below.

Donate Shelf Stable Food

Beans - canned, dried
Boxed Meals
Chili - canned, dried mix
Fruit - cands, dried, squeeze packs
Macaroni & cheese
Meats – canned
Peanut butter & jelly, jams
Pasta – cans, bags & boxes
Rice bags & boxes
Seasoning packets
Soups, Sauce & Stews – canned
Tomato Sauce
Tuna – canned
Vegetables – canned
Whole Grains

Donate Household Supplies

Baby diapers
Cleaning supplies
Paper products -  toilet paper, paper towls, napkins
Laundry detergent
Personal hygiene products
Plastic storage bins
Toilet paper, tissues
Toothpaste, dental floss
Soap, shampoo
Ziplock bags of all sizes
Vegetable seeds or seedlings for gardeners

Sorry, we cannot accept the following:

Packaged perishable and frozen foods
Unlabeled, repackaged, opened products removed fromoriginal packaging
Damaged products or products that have exceeded shelf life
Prepared food that has been exposed to public self-service
Product that has been thawed
Foods containing alcohol

Acceptance of donated food is governed by public health requirements and our commitment to provide a healthy balance of nutrient-rich foods across all food groups.

Host a Food Drive!

Spoon & Fork

Thank you for hosting a food drive to help our neighbors in need! Below are planning and promotion tips.
Please contact us for this month's greatest needs, and more resources for running a successful food drive.

Plan Ahead & Set Goals

  • When do you want to run a food drive?
  • What types of food do you want to collect?
  • Do you need any supplies?
  • Do you have boxes for collecting food?
  • How is the food going to get to the MWFP?
  • Do groups, clients, or departments want
    to challenge each other?

Promote Your Food Drive

  • Make flyers and send emails with details.
  • Where can the food be dropped off?
  • When is the food drive happening?
  • What types of food can people donate?
  • Who is in charge?
  • Take pictures and share with participants,
    the newspaper and the MWFP!

Send a Message - Thanks for Reaching Out!

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Relieve Hunger,
Nourish Lives

Our mission is to continue the legacy of Marie Wilkinson, dedicated to meeting the hunger needs of individuals and their families. Enlightening people to be self-sustainable through collaborations and partnerships in Aurora and the surrounding community.


Marie Wilkinson of Aurora, IL

Spoon & Fork

Marie Wilkinson was a lifetime social and civil rights activist who fought against poverty, hunger, homelessness, joblessness, and injustice. Marie founded the Aurora, IL Food Pantry in the 1950’s after a near-death experience that caused her to make a personal commitment to helping the less fortunate.

Driven by a new life purpose, Wilkinson began giving out bags of food to those in need from her bungalow on View Street.  She recruited friends and neighbors to help, and soon she had a started a soup kitchen and food pantry. Today, the Food Pantry continues to serve the communities of Aurora IL, Kane County and the surrounding areas.