2021 Accomplishments!


Now that the hustle and bustle of 2021 is over, and before we get lost in the shuffle of 2022, we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU

We are grateful for each and every person who dedicates time, energy, money and passion to making MWFP so powerful. We’re grateful that because of the collective action of this community compassion, we can start off 2022 providing hope and fresh nutritious food for our vulnerable neighbors.

Together with you, we can continue to make sure more children, families and seniors have warm meals, especially as days and nights this time of year are long and cold. Thank you again for the significant part you play in solving hunger in our community. The MWFP continues to grow and give back because of you.

This past year we have worked hard to continue our mission of serving our community by exercising effective Stewardship for optimum results in efficiency and productivity. In 2021, those efforts included:

  • Purchased a refrigerated box truck for our food rescue program;
  • Expanded our senior food distribution program;
  • Reinstalled our East Aurora High School student distribution;
  • Installed a Playful learning display;
  • Expanded the urban farm green house;
  • Expanded our community garden plots;
  • Purchased an industrial commercial composter.

Whew! Yes, we’ve been busy! Most importantly, all of this was accomplished while proudly continuing our commitment ensuring that 96% of every dollar donated directly supports our volunteer-operated facilities. 

We are deeply grateful to all of our volunteers, sponsors, and community partners who help us serve our community!   We, of course, could not have accomplished our service without you and we don’t forget that – – ever.

We hope our “21 Accomplishments” will make you feel proud to be a supporter of the Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry.